My favorite accessory. I believe that you can wear anything you want as long as your hair style or color is unique-and slightly ahead of the masses. Right now I’m really into the Manic Panic colors (semi-permanent) for a little “trial and error”, but many other professional brands are venturing into really great all-over permanent colors. 

Sorry Brooklyn (myself included), but as summer approaches its time to toss the beanies into the bin (or at least to the back of the closet and saved slightly hungover day) and get your hair color right! If you’re not into looking like every other woman in LES with ombre hair colour/color gradation or panneling you can rock a great all-over color with a punch! Remember….hair grows and changes, so fuck it up while you’re young! Ricky’s NYC sells Wella, my favorite hair color, with a great selection of colors at crazy low prices! Just pick up your favorite color with desired developer…..40 minutes later you will thank me ;)

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