"I would hate for someone to look at my shoe and say, ‘Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!’ That’s not what I want to project. But I’m not a sadist. I don’t believe suffering makes you beautiful. But comfort is not part of my creative process."-Christian Louboutin


A CUTTING EDGE Haircut Will… Compliment Your Features & Lifestyle


A CUTTING EDGE Haircut Will… Compliment Your Features & Lifestyle

Real Pop Music. Marina and the Diamonds. 

Music. Sky Ferreira

Get a perfect brow….Everytime! 

I always tell people that the trick to brows is to keep them within the same shape as your natural brows- even go a little thicker. It is never a good idea to have over-plucked little brows that look like rainbows over your eyes.

You only need a few key items: Brow pencil and powder, concealer, angled brush, and powder. I will post a video soon. :) 

1.) Fill in eyebrow

2.) Conceal around brow with angled brush. (This cleans the up the brow and creates the “perfect” desired shape). 

3.) Loose powder of concealer

Treat Yourself Often

Get a massage, buy yourself jewelry that makes you smile, accupuncture, get fucked up and dance on the bar, excercise, feed your body clean energy, be the best dressed, treat yourself to a facial, travel often, swim, sleep in one day a month- and really sleep in without a guilty conscience, dress up, tell someone to fuck off, wear expensive lingerie, eat a taco, talk to a therapist, pet a dog, and take pictures of any and everything, even when you feel weird pulling out your camera. LIVE. Give yourself the things that make you smile so that you are able to make others smile. :)

DIY Shorts

Alkaline Living

Summer Projects!!

A friend and I are somewhat obsessed with Leslie Hall; our ongoing comical meet-ups include fun-time extra curricular activities and many half-assed projects that we refer to “Craft Time.” My upcoming project will be some crazy bleeched-out overly embellished shorts. These pictures are just the inspiration. 

The Illustrated Nail

Dope Nails!

Adornment. ”Generally an accessory or ornament worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer.”

Sometimes I become obsessed over a fashionable idea and then leave it alone after I’m tired of it. I can’t ever get enough of adornment of the body through make-up, piercings, tattoos, painting, and jewelry. I have friendships with some AMAZING jewelry designers, artists, art lovers, etc. who constantly inspire me with ideas of adornment. The photos above are my summer inspiration for different looks! 






One of the best detox cleanses out there.


Love them. So jealous that my hair is not long enough yet. The most stylish and creative way to keep your hair out of your face and make a statement. Right now, I’m really into the Crown Braid….and basically any design that braids the bang. 

DIY with this video by Lillith Moon




Cocktails in BK!

Check out this AMAZING bar in Fort Greene. The drinks are sexy, and the bartenders are even better!

Who can resist a woman with a red sole? Christian Louboutin always has wonderfully cut pumps that truly accentuate a woman’s foot and elongate the leg to take any outfit from great to “Wow!” If you don’t own some red bottoms, its time to get on top of it….especially this season with these lovely classic pumps that can be worn anywhere. 

Really, there is nothing like them yet, but If you cannot afford the Louboutins check out these other great deals with some classic looks that you can keep in your closet year after year-especially “Lisa” by Pepe Jimenez.

Christian Louboutin: Un Bout Yellow  Picks & Co Potpourri Spiked Toe & Lace Pump

AMOUR by Pepe Jimenez: Lisa

Steve Madden: Outshine Obsessed

Aldo: Fravel

Asos: Pluto